Signal 99 


Rising from the heart of New Mexico, Signal 99 has revolutionized the hard rock scene, merging hard-driving bass and hypnotic punk compositions with a contemporary band dynamic, enthralling their listeners with rich visuals and gripping lyricism. Originating from Southwest Farmington, Signal 99 integrate anecdotes of their experiences with growing up in poverty ridden areas, and transmit messages of hope to the youth about recovery from the past. The 3 member band comprises of Navajo as the front-man, with Chuck Haven as their main lyricist and vocalist, Richard John Jr. on bass, and Arlo crushing the drums. The band continues to make a conscious effort and spread awareness social and health issues through their emotionally rich releases, including topics such as multiple sclerosis, substance abuse, domestic violence, amongst many others. Signal 99 reveal their major inspirations to include Coal Chamber and Korn, with their conversational and multi-rhythmic flows and poignant lyrics that reflect the spectrum of human emotions. 

The pioneering band released their groundbreaking album ‘American Monster’ in 2017, which earned them the title of #1 metal band in New Mexico. The band is currently in the process of working on an upcoming ‘Revolution’ set to release in 2021. “American Monster” reveals progressive lyrics on the human struggle for happiness, written and produced completely by the band. Signal 99’s other enigmatic and riveting compositions include “Banner Corpses,” written by Chuck and the Great Loudini, with soaring beats portraying the horrors hidden in the shadows around the world, including messages of overcoming the forces of hate. “Candy” is another track that showcases the band’s range, with piercing melodies and passionate verses about breaking the shackles of a toxic relationship. Signal 99 continue to stay true to their sound, spreading political and social awareness through their experiences and discography, with hopes of expanding their impact beyond New Mexico and gaining global recognition. With every release, they wish to get closer to the time when they can get on stage with their gas masks and war paint, capturing the audience around the world with their fierce talent.

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