New Year

It's been an interesting ride for 2017. New label, new music, and the struggle of what I have been through the past couple of years. Thinking back on it, I almost gave up after both my brother's passing. They were some of my biggest supporters with my music. To move on, was to say in the least, difficult. The latest album, "American Monster" was a reflection of my current state of mind. Trying to just make it through the years from grief. I'm only human. What seemed a different take on my writing, showed with the album. Like a therapy session at work. Piecing and gluing back together the broken pieces of my life. Everything from metal, punk, blues, and a slow ballad. What was missing, was the frustration, the anger, and the struggle of being stepped on, used, and just flat out angry at life. Why do we face these struggles in life? Was this mapped out? Was it planned? Why do some human beings suffer more than others? A lot of these things happen and we don't have control of the outcome. For example, no one wants cancer, death, and terminal illnesses, yet people suffer from these everyday. There is a lot of suffering in this world, and we are told to "pray" about it, then move on. What good is that going to do for those who really need the help from a fellow human being?

I may be rambling, but hear me out. People complain about how we are being dealt these shitty cards, I was dealt these cards, but so have those close to me. So we are just going to give up? Give up and let all that hard work go? I strongly believe that change starts from the smallest step. Then it becomes a movement, not only to save you, but to save the millions searching for that help. I'm not talking about religion, but about that spark that's inside of us to make a better place around you. Everyone wants the same thing.... happiness. So why not strive toward that goal? It starts with you.

Which leads me to my original thought.... the anger, the frustration... yes it is coming. I wouldn't be human if I didn't feel this emotion. The year 2018, I will be the year of questions and the year we will get answers.

So yes, this means new music for Signal 99. Back to the original lineup, minus my brother Hank aka Krave. But he saw this coming... going back to the roots of why I started Signal 99.

Buckle in people... 2018 is going to be a bumpy ride...

Welcome to the revolution...


Signal 99